Bowls. Yay or nay?

I’ve been looking for healthier options to make for lunches and dinners, especially something I can just throw together and eat cold or throw in the microwave real quick. Just as long as I don’t have to spend each of my lunch breaks at work cooking that meal. Not only quicker and healthier, more specifically more towards the vegetarian or vegan side of things. Because of Hannah, I’ve cut out red meat from my diet, occasionally grabbing some Horrock’s cherry blue cheese sausages or pork chops. And that’s maybe once a month at this point.

Chicken and seafood is where it’s been at as of late, but cutting that out even more recently. Been leaving it to the veggies, [not enough] fruits, nuts, and some grains. Upon my search for something different to eat, I came across various bowls. Most contain some kind of grain (rice, quinoa), leafy greens, protein (chick peas or some other bean), and various veggies.

The first bowl, and both of our favorites so far, is the Spicy Chipotle Chickpea Burrito Bowl. The first batch I made really did taste like something I’d get from Chipotle or Qdoba. Definitely make sure you top these bad boys with salsa and a little plain greek yogurt. Heck, I totally thought the yogurt was sour cream after things had been mixed up a little.

The second was the Make-Ahead Vegan Lunch Bowl. I didn’t make the dressing as I forgot a few ingredients, but next time for sure. The ingredients of the bowl just mixed well together. The light, crisp taste of the peppers with the light taste of cucumber, so good!

The last one I still need to play around with is the Detox Vegan Buddha Bowl. You definitely want to get actual miso paste. I tried just using some of the instant soup, that’s a negative, Ghostrider. I dumped it out. Also don’t forget to cut the beets into actual chunks. I cut mine a bit small and while still good, just not the same.

All three are definitely worth a go. Again, the winner is the spicy chipotle bowl by a landslide. I hope you enjoy these as much as we did!

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