Almost Time!

I’m really bad at this blogging thing. Especially since my last post was about hurricane Harvey. Have no fear, I am still here.

So much going on! Let’s start with work. Work is great. It’s cPanel, which is what I worked with at my previous job as well as linux web hosting in general, so a lot of this is familiar. However, there is a lot that I was and still am unfamiliar with but that is quickly changing. Really not much more to say at the moment, working from home kind of hinders a lot, but once I’m down there, things will be even better. Lots of great perks working at the office too.

We found an apartment we want, just sent in the paperwork and waiting on a response. It’s about 15 minutes from work with good traffic flow, just North-West of work. I don’t expect (m)any issues for my drive in, seeing as I’ll be going in for 3PM CDT. Early afternoon travel? Sounds good to me. Then I’ll be out at 1130PM CDT? Yeah, not foreseeing any issues.

It’s getting down to the wire effectively. Less than two months til I have to be in Houston. Apartment should be “check”, booking the moving truck tomorrow, then around Thanksgiving we’ll get to packing and probably leaving on Black Friday so I don’t have to take too much time off work.

Oh man, what else… We’re pretty much booked every weekend until we leave. Trying to see as many people as possible before we leave.

Getting a new tattoo this weekend, hitting up a couple breweries next weekend, and a Brother’s wedding the weekend after.

I’ll have more to post later, so stay tuned! I promise I’ll try to post more often.

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